Nanocrystalline Cut Core

Technical Parameters :

Key Properties:

  • Inherit the simple structure of the traditional C cores

  • Clamp-on core design, safer, easier installation, portable, don’t need to cut of the grid-power when adjust the inductance.

  • Comparing other materials, with high accuracy, due to nanocrystalline high permeability.

  • Energy conservation & environment protection, huge potential market


Typical Specification
Saturated Induction DensityBs = 1.2 T
Material Permeabilityµi = 8.5x104 Gs/Oe
Rated Output0.333Vac; 0~5AMP
Max. Primary Voltage5000 Vac  ( Insulated Conductor)
Operating Temperature-15 ~ 60 °C
Case MaterialABS;PBT Resin UL94V-O
Frequency Range50Hz ~ 1KHz


Product Description:

We supply Nanocrystalline Cut Core and Split current transformers based on clients request. Nanocrystalline cut core shape including toroidal shape, rectanguar shape.

Reference Rectangular Shape nanocrystallne Cut Core product list  Download here.

OEM design is supported. We design & produce goods based on specifications & drawing, specification including:

1. Bare core size, Size finished, Acceptable tolerance.

2. What’s Output Voltage in secondary when Input currency at primary @ 1:1 turns ratio.


Main Application:

Widely used in high frequency, high power transformers for converters, in drives, traction, power supplies.