Split Core Current Transformer

Split-core current transformers are designed to meet the growing demand of installation into existing networks. Our Split Core (open-able) CTs can be a savings overall in the labor cost savings.Simply clip these around the wires being read. Secure them in place with a zip tie, without disconnecting cables or busbar circuits.

  • Product Detail

Key Properties:

  • Inherit the simple structure of the traditional C cores
  • Clamp-on core design, safer, easier installation, portable, don’t need to cut of the grid-power when adjust the inductance.
  • Comparing other materials, with high accuracy, due to nanocrystalline high permeability.
  • Energy conservation & environment protection, huge potential market.

Typical Specification

Working Frequency

50 ~ 2000 Hz

Rated Input

5 ~ 630 A

Testing Range

10% In ~ 130% In

Rated Output

0.333V(AC); 0~500 mA

Ratio Turns Error

≤± 1.0%

Phase Error


Dielectric Strength

2.5KV; 1mA; 1min

Insulation Resistance

DC500V; 100 MΩ min

Case Material

PA (UL flame retardant rating 94V-O)

Stand Material


Core Material

Ferrite Core; Silicon Steel Core(CRGO); Nickel alloy; Nanocrystalline Core

Inner Structer

Clamp Design


Cable Tie Fixed

Working Temperature

-25 ~ 75°C

Environmental Humidity

≤ 85%

Output Connection

To be defined

Product Specification:

We supply including Nanocrystalline Cut Core and Split current transformers.

Regarding split core current transformers, flexible shape design are supported. Split Core Current Transformer Product list download here.

To confirm your products details, please advise following information:

1. Mini Hole Size

2. Current Input

3. Current Output / Voltage Output

4. Accuracy

5. Lead Wire Length


Main Application:

Our Split-core current transformer can be mounted to existing panels, such as control centers or load centers, to measure or monitor wattage. Which is widely used for:

  • Current Measurement
  • Electrical loading monitoring
  •  Energy and sub-metering products
  • Network equipment
  • Instruments and sensors
  • Control System
  • Go GREEN initiatives

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


Leave A Message

Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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