Nanocrystalline Instrument Current Transformer Core

Technical Parameters :

Key Properties:

  • Higher permeability for higher measuring accuracy (when compared with silicon steel core)

  • Excellent to replacement of Mu-metal

  • High Bs,  1.2T

  • lower manufacturing costs (when compared with permalloy)

  • Long durability range  -30°C ~ + 180°C


Typical Parameter
Saturated Induction DensityBs = 1.2 T
Material Permeabilityµo >8x104 Gs/Oe
crystallization temperatureTx >510℃
Vickers HardnessHv= 880 kg/mm2
Curie TemperatureTc >570°C
Densityρ = 7.2 g/cm3
Electrical Resistivityr = δ ≥130µΩcm
Lamination Factor0.75~0.82

MatericalSilicon SteelNickel IronFerriteAmorphousNano Crystalline
50Ni80NiMn-ZnCobalt IronFe Iron
Bs (T)21.550.740.50.581.651.2
HC (Oe)
Initial Permeability (µo)15006000>400003000>600005000>100000
Max. Permeability (µm)2 x 1046 x 1042 x 1056 x 1031 x 1065 x 1041 x 106
Curie Temperature (°C)750500500140225400570



Product Specification:

Nanocrystalline Instrument Current Transformer Core are widly used for Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage Current Transformer. Core’s shape including: Toroidal Shape, Rectangular Shape, Oval Shape.

Packing Method: SS+PCB(Stainless Steel+Plastic); DMC (Plastic), Epoxy Resin Coating, Crepe Paper, PMP, DMP, glass cloth ,etc.

Common Standard Product list Download .

OEM design is supported. We design & produce goods based on specifications & drawing, specification including:

1. Bare core size, Size finished

2. Current Transformer Turns Ratio

3. Capacity (VA)

4. Accuracy 



Main Application:

Instrument current transformer Core with accuracy class 0.2, 0.2s, Bushing current transformer for Epoxy resin cast, Gas insulated or oil-immersed switch-gears, LV, MV and HV switch-gear, power system, relay protection system, power monitoring devices.