Inductive Power Supply Projects

  • July 14. 2022
With the rapid development of economy, the electricity demand increasing, the power stability & uninterrupted are more and more important. It's imminent to online real-time monitoring on high-voltage transmission lines to guarantee the safe and stable operation of transmission lines.  The high voltage inductive power supply is the best choice for online equipment functions, because is suitable for different climates, stable&reliable power supply, maintenance-free operation. Today, let’s talk about the inductive power supply projects:

Rogowski Coil (measurement range up to 3000A)


1. Hollow Rogowski coil

2. Measurement current: Max. 3000A

3. Diameter 0.3mm enameled wire, 500 turns

4. Lead wire length 15±2 cm (22AWG silicon rubber copper cable )

5. Self resistance 7.8Ω±2 0%, Self inductance 520µH±2 0%@1V 1KHz

6. Split type

7. CT case material: PC+ABS ,High working temperature ,ultraviolet-proof ,and anti-aging.


Rogowski Coil measurement card (KLS3000-2.5)


1. Current input: 0~3000A. Provide high accuracy output with multi ranges.

2. Full range output 2.7V

3. Make integral with differential signal send by Rogowski coil , restore the waveform, and switch to the right effective value.

Measurement range and analog switch instruction

Output range in RMS is 0~2.7V. 0V means 0A input. 2.7V is the Maximum in a range.The meter will switch to next range when output in RMS higher than 2.7V ,and will come back the previous range when output in RMS lower than 1.35V.

Dimensions and pin definition

Energy Harvesting Coil Datasheet

Item No.: KCT76380

Technological Description

1. Core material: Nanocrystalline

2. Epoxypowdercoated,thickness 0.2~0.4mm

3. Centring cut the toroidal core into two halves .Cut loss≤1mm.Height difference between two halves cores s≤0.8mm

4. Core precisely cut . Smooth cutting section. Good verticality. No ragged and bend edge.

5. Core surface anti-rust treated. (Not anti-rust oil)

6. Diameter 1.0 copper wire wound 300 turns

7. Lead wire length 10 cm(18AWG silicon rubber copper cable , with black heating shrinkable tube)

8. At room temperature, current 10A at 50Hz, open circle voltage >42V AC

9. Casematerial: PC+ABS, High working temperature,ultraviolet-proof ,and anti-aging.



Energy Harvesting Coil

Nanocrystalline coil having size of 96x60x35 and 100:-1 Turn Ratio

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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