High Accuracy Factory Split Core Current Transformer

  • May 25. 2021

Coilcore’s Split core current transformers are designed to meet the growing demand of installation into existing networks. Our Split Core (open-able) CTs can be a savings overall in the labor cost savings.Simply clip these around the wires being read. Secure them in place with a zip tie, without disconnecting cables or busbar circuits. Split Core Current Transformer is suitable for indoor units with rated voltage of 10KV and below. It's for circuit control, measurement, line transformation measurement and protection.


Our split core current transformer use a high-strength PVC casing and is fully casted with a busbar structure. Transformer is an open-closed structure design, that can directly stuck on the cables without existant cables cutting off. Current Transformer core made of high- quality Ferrite Core, CRGO Core, Nanocrystalline Core, Permalloy core, based on the transformer's accuracy request.

Application range:
1. The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 3000m;
2. Ambient temperature: -25 - +40 ° C;
3. Can be worn once cable outer diameter: φ8—φ240mm
4. Input: 0~60KA
5. Output: 0 ~ 500mA 1A or 5A 5VDC or 4 ~ 20MA (customer defined)

There are no pollution & erosive & explosive media in the atmosphere that seriously affect the insulation performance of the transformer.

1. the work noise is relatively large
2. the fever is a little bit large
3. The measurement error is bigger than normal transformer
The phase of the induced current in the open transformer is disconnected, that is, the inductive core is not a closed whole, and the magnetic circuit efficiency is reduced at the gap. It is difficult to make a complete fit after opening, so it will have a certain influence on the sensing effect and accuracy.

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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