Split Core Current Transformer

Technical Parameters :

Key Properties:

  • Inherit the simple structure of the traditional C cores

  • Clamp-on core design, safer, easier installation, portable, don’t need to cut of the grid-power when adjust the inductance.

  • Comparing other materials, with high accuracy, due to nanocrystalline high permeability.

  • Energy conservation & environment protection, huge potential market


Typical Specification
Working Frequency50 ~ 2000 Hz
Rated Input5 ~ 630 A
Testing Range10% In ~ 130% In
Rated Output0.333V(AC); 0~500 mA
Ratio Turns Error≤± 1.0%
Phase Error≤±60
Dielectric Strength2.5KV; 1mA; 1min
Insulation ResistanceDC500V; 100 MΩ min
Case MaterialPA (UL flame retardant rating 94V-O)
Stand MaterialPBT
Core MaterialFerrite Core; Silicon Steel Core(CRGO); Nickel alloy; Nanocrystalline Core
Inner StructerClamp Design
ApplicationCable Tie Fixed
Working Temperature-25 ~ 75°C
Environmental Humidity≤ 85%
Output ConnectionTo be defined


Product Specification:

We supply including Nanocrystalline Cut Core and Split current transformers.

Regarding split core current transformers, flexible shape design are supported..

Split Core Current Transformer Product list Download


To confirm your products details, please advise following information:

1. Mini Hole Size

2. Current Input

3. Current Output / Voltage Output

4. Accuracy

5. Lead Wire Length


Main Application:

Our Split-core current transformer can be mounted to existing panels, such as control centers or load centers, to measure or monitor wattage. Which is widely used for:

  • Current Measurement

  • Electrical loading monitoring

  • Energy and sub-metering products

  • Network equipment

  • Instruments and sensors

  • Control System

  • Go GREEN initiatives