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  • Soft Magnetic Materials Nanocrystalline Alloy
    • March 17. 2021
    Soft Magnetic Materials Nanocrystalline Alloy

    Guangzhou Amorphous Electronic Technology Co.,ltd use soft magnetic materials high permeability nanocrstalline strips for cores and current transformer production. Following information about nanocrystalline alloy: On the basis of the Fe-Si-B alloy composition, extral added with a trace amount of elements Cu, Nb, and prepared the amorphous ribbon by rapid solidification with a cooling rate of abou...

  • PFC Inductors Working Principle & Main Type
    • June 04. 2024
    PFC Inductors Working Principle & Main Type

    PFC inductors are widely used in switching power supplies because they improve power factor, power efficiency, electromagnetic interference, and greatly enhance circuit stability.   The working principle of PFC inductor is that when the current passes through it, the magnetic field generated will reduce the rate of change of the current, thereby reducing high-order harmonics in the circuit, s...

  • The Q Value For Transformers and Inductors
    • June 19. 2024

    For the transformer and inductors, we always test Q value. While, what's Q value?What factors are it related to? Q value, as know as  quality factor, its basic meaning refers to the ratio of inductance to loss pressented by a transformer (inductor) when operating at a certain frequency of AC voltage, it is an important parameter for measuring the transformers and inductors. The higher Q value...

  • Magnetic Ring Core Inductors Design
    • June 25. 2024

    To achieve good performance, when making the magnetic ring inductors, it's crucial to follow standard process design specifications. In terms of design we should notice: 1. To ensure a stable inductance, we should avoid use 15K high conductivity magnetic cores. 2. For amorphous nanocrystalline cores, request plastic case, thus core damage of external forces could be reduced during core winding. 3....

  • The Design and Manufacture Skiss of Plannar Transformer (Inductor)
    • July 05. 2024

    The planar core's successful development, a planar transformer (inductor) design was realized. Comparing to traditional transformer, the planar transformer (inductor) winding is a planar structure, have priority including: high current density, high efficiency, low leakage inductance, excellent heat conduction, low EMI radiation, small size, The pa...

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