Outdoor Application IP67 Waterproof Split Core Current Transformer

  • July 09. 2021

Coilcore Focus on current transformer manufactures.

Here we update the LATEST CTHW1 series Waterproof CT, Split Core Current Transformer which have particularly excellent waterproof performance. Details video:

During our test, even under water condition 3 days, it can still work normally.

· CTHW1-36 with a 36mm inner hole size, CTHW1-60 with 60mm inner hole size

· Meet different diameters cables installation

· No need to disconnect the bus

· Fast and convenient

IP67 CT can be customized flexible.
Electronic parameters such as primary, secondary, VA and accuracy value can be modified as client request
Common Loading is 2.75VA~5VA, according to the ct's detailed core & winding, Max. Loading could be 10~15VA.
CEI60529 test report can supply, once the ct finished.
Standard cable is 1 meter, can longer if reuqest.

Sample finished fast, 7~10 days is ok.

Any comments back from you, that'll be appreciated.

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported


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