Nanocrystalline Alloys Different Material Grades Corresponding To Different Uses

  • August 10. 2022

The Iron-base nanocrystalline  are composed of iron, silicon, boron and small amounts of copper, molybdenum, niobium, etc., of which copper and niobium are essential elements for living nanocrystalline structures. They were first fabricated into amorphous ribbons, which were then appropriately annealed to form a mixture of micro-crystalline and amorphous structures.Such material is not only cheap, but also has excellent magnetic properistieses. The Fe-based nanocrystalline material are widely used in high frequency transformer, current transformers, common mode chokes and inductors.

Regarding nanocrystalline alloys, we have different material grades corresponding to different uses:

1. Nanocrystalline 1K107A, mainly used for current transformers, material thickness 0.026~0.030mm

Low frequency permeability µ150,000 @1KHZ

High frequency permeability µ=8,000 @100KHZ


2. Nanocrystalline 1K107B, mainly used for common mode inductors, material thickness 0.022~0.026mm

Low frequency permeability µ=120,000 @1KHZ

IF permeability µ=100,000 @10KHZ

High frequency permeability µ=15,000 @100KHZ


3. Ultra-thin nanocrystalline 1K107B19, B17, B14, mainly used for high frequency inductors, material thickness 0.019mm, 0.017mm, 0.014mm

Low frequency permeability µ=60,000 @1KHZ

High frequency permeability µ=30,000 @100KHZ

High frequency permeability µ=14,000 @200KHZ



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