Analysis of Common Torodial Transformer Question (2)

  • December 28. 2021

Toroidal transformers are widely used in household equipment & other high technical electronic equipment, Last week weve discussed 10 points about the toroidal transformers, today, lets continue:

Question 1: What parameter request to toroidal transformer customization?

Answer: Coilcore support customized toroidal transformers, the parameter details we request including: the rated power, voltage input, voltage output,  the output voltage is no load or load?  If the output voltage is multi-winding, please advise load  current & output current of each voltage please.


Question 2: what is the primary resistance value for a 220V isolation transformer?

Answer: As we know, the transformer primary resistance value is related to the power & the core quality. If the transformer with high-quality core, could guarantee the primary resistance of 40W 200V isolation transformer ≤30Ω, and primary resistance of 200W 220V isolation transformer resistance ≤8ω. In a word, it's hard to confirmed in advance.


Question 3: When a isolation transformer is working under load, what losses including?

Answer: Iron loss, copper loss, line loss.

Question 4: What is no-load current of toroidal transformer?

Answer: when transformer primary is connected to the rated voltage, and the secondary is not connected to equipment completely empty, then the current measured value called no-load current. It's  influenced by the core quality, winding turns.


Question 5: Shall we use same diameter wire for the primary & secondary stages of toroidal transformer?

Answer: We choose wire diameter according to the current value, thicker wire for big current, thin wire for small current. When the current are same, 220V to 220V as a example, the same diameter wire can be supported.


Question 6: What's parts for manufacture a isolation transformer?

Answer: Core, winding coils, insulating material such as polyester film / high temperature marathon, etc.

Question 7: Why when temperature rise, the power frequency transformer's working conversion efficiency decrease?

Answer: When the ambient temperature exceeds the transformer load0bearing range value, the transformer loss will increase, and the conversion efficiency reducing. In meantime, temperature increase will reduce to transformer shorten lifespan.


Question 8: What is the power for a 220V isolation transformer?

Answer: The transformer's power depends on the driving equipment's power. Coilcore suggest you choose the larger power than the equipment. General @ 220V the isolation transformer power range could from 30W t0 7000W.


Question 9: Is there interference from a toroidal transformer?

Answer: The toroidal transformer is an anti-interference source, which almost without high frequency electromagnetic interference.


Question 10: Question: What is the output voltage of a 220V output 12V transformer under 110V voltage?

Answer: The input and output voltage of the transformer changes in direct proportion. The output of the 220V output 12V transformer will be 6V under 110V voltage, but the premise is that the input and output voltage of the transformer need to match.

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