Nanocrystalline Core for High Frequency Power Transformer

Technical Parameters :

Key Properties:

  • High saturate induction reduce volume of transformers

  • High permeability and low coercivity improve efficiency,

  • lower exciting power and reduce copper loss

  • Low core loss reduce temperature rise of transformers

  • Excellent thermal stability with the serving temperature of -55°C-130°C for long time

  • LOWEST  CORE  LOSS :P <6W/Kg @ 20KHz,0.5T , P<9W/Kg @ 20KHz, 1T, P<5W/Kg @ 35KHz,0.5T, P<14W/Kg @ 35KHz,1T

  • High Bs =1.4T ,  low Br <10mT,  Low Hc <1A/m , u=10000


Basical ParameterNanocrystalline CoreFerrite Core
Saturation Magnetostriction Induction Bs(T)1.250.5
Residual Magnetic Field Density Br (T) (20KHz)<0.200.2
Core Losse (20KHz, 0.2T) (W/kg)<3.47.5
Core Losse (20KHz, 0.5T) (W/kg)<35Can not be used
Core Losse (20KHz, 0.3T) (W/kg)<40Can not be used
Permeability (20KHz) (Ge//Oe)>2x1042x103
Coercive Force (A/m)<1.606
Saturated Magnetostrictive Coefficient λs<2x10-64x10-6
Resisitivity (µΩcm)801X106
Curie Temperature (°C)570<200
Occupation efficiency>0.70---


Product Description:

Our Nanocrystallie core is widely used for High Frequency Power Transformers in Welding Machine, Solar Inverter.

Standard Nanocrysatalline Core for HF power Transformer Price list Download here.


Main Application:

  • Inverter welding machines

  • X-Ray and laser source power supplies

  • Communication power supplies

  • High frequency heating systems

  • Electrolytic and plating power supplies