NT-G & HDU Series Nanocrystalline core for common mode choke

Technical Parameters :

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Key Properties:

  • High permeability µi (200KHZ), high L and impedance Z in the high frequency range

  • High saturation flux density (1.2T)

  • High curie temperature (580 °C) and excellent temperature characteristics

  • Low remanent flux density Br with DC-tolerance


NanocrystallineMn-Zn ferrite
Initial Permeability @ 100KHz µr'20°C160005300
Impedance permeability @ 100KHz µr'20°C257005300
Saturation magnetic flux density Bs* (T)20°C1.350.44
Residual magnetic flux density Br* (T)20°C0.810.1
Corrective Force Hc* (A/m)20°C1.38
Curie Temperature Tc (°C)570150
Saturation magnetostriction λs(x10-6)+2.3-1.1
Electrical resistivity ρ (µΩcm)1.110x106
Density d(kg/m3)7.4x1034.85x103
* DC magnetic properties @ 800A/m


Product Specification:

Nanocrystalline Common Mode Choke Core covering 1-phaseCMCs, 3-phase CMCs, 4 - Fold CMCs.

Common Standard Product list Download .

OEM design is supported. We design & produce goods based on specifications & drawing, specification including:

1.Bare core size, Size finished

2.Al requirement @ different frequency

Main Application:

  • EMC filters

  • Home Application

  • Switched -mode power supplies (SMPS), Power supplies

  • Solar inverters

  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

  • Welding equipment

  • Wind generators

  • Frequency converters