Fe-base Amorphous C Cutting Core - (AMCC)

Technical Parameters :

Key Properties:

  • High Saturation Flux Density - 1.56 T

  • Low Profile - enables weight and volume reductions of up to 50%

  • Low Temperature Rise - enabling smaller compact designs,working temperature -55°C~130°C.

  • Low Core Loss - resulting from micro-thin amorphous ribbon (20-30µm)


Loss Test
Magnetical Induction DensityB=0.037T
Test Equipment2010SA AC Soft Magnetic Tester
Iron LosspFe “≤ 1.2 W/kg
AL Test


1. Test of Iron loss and AL according to GB/T 19346-2003

2. We can be gained different permeability and inductance values by adjusting the air gap.


Product Specification:

Standard AMCC series covering from AMCC4 to AMCC1000, detailed List, Download.

Main Application:

  • UPS and SMPS Power Factor Correction Chokes

  • UPS Harmonic Filter Inductors

  • High-Power Outdoor Industrial Ballasts

  • Welding Power Supplies

  • High-Speed Rail Power Systems

  • Choke coil for DC/DC converter

  • Normal mode choke coil

  • Choke coil for adapter and battery charger

  • PFC choke coil