Mini Precision Current Transformer

Technical Parameters :

Key Properties:

  • High precision, wide linearity range for output current

  • High potential voltage (4000Vac for 1min)

  • Outstading stability

  • Low profile elegant looking

  • Directly installed to PCB


Material Parameter
Saturated Induction DensityBs = 1.2 T
Material Permeabilityµo >8x104 Gs/Oe
crystallization temperatureTx >510℃
Vickers HardnessHv= 880 kg/mm2
Curie TemperatureTc >570°C
Densityρ = 7.2 g/cm3
Electrical Resistivityr = δ ≥130µΩcm
Lamination Factor0.75~0.82


Electrical Specification
Rated Current5A20A60A200A
Current Ratio5A/2mA20A/8mA60A/24mA200A/80mA
Accuracy Class0.1,0.2,0.5,1.0,3.0,5.0
Rated Frequency50/60Hz


Product Description:

Pin Type, Pin&Wire Lead Type is available. Customized Size as request. Our standard Mechanical Specifications  Download  here.

OEM design is supported. We design & produce goods based on specifications & drawing, specification including:

1. CT turns ratio, primary current, resistance load

2. The min size of hole of CT

3. CT size and accuracy


Main Application:

  •  Electronic energy meter

  •  Power transducer

  •  Precision power meter and other power & energy monitoring devices

  • Over current protection circuit of motor and other electrical appliances